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Default Issues with compy

Atm it seems like a graphics card issue, but basically I'm having weird issues with my computer. Before it was CTD's in WOW and BF3, and I think I narrowed it down to the onboard soundcard. Now that's disabled in bios and have my old Fatal1ty soundcard in there. Seems to be a bit better, but the last couple days, having all sorts of CTD's in BF3, don't know if that's related to the new patch. Also, I'll leave my computer on, go do something for about an hour, come back to it at the password entry screen as if it has been rebooted. And sometimes will not load the sound drivers and/or vid drives, it will have the intel graphics icon in the bottom right bar.

So my question is, does this seem like a graphics card issue, or is this general system instability ie; I need a new mobo?
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