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Default Re: Which gaming headset ?

need to get a new headphone as well, i am a bit worried about these 7.1/5.1/etc...never really sound great for gaming, especially when you want to hear footsteps/ they are also very heavy...

i have a razer carcharias which i got 2010-01, and last week the cable started to wear out so one side is acting up unless i wrap the cable up a bit..even then its a bit crap when the audio suddenly runs out lol...considering it lasted this long i guess its not bad..

i might go for the razer has no mic (already have a good clip mic), but it is basically a razer carcharias without the mic with some minor comfort improvements...

i have a sonar essence i am kinda..missing out on those other hq headphones...

actually noticed the tiamat razer comes 2.2 and 7.1...i think i will get that 2.2 then...
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