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Default Re: Official Starcraft 2 Feedback Thread

So I just bought this on the their sale for $30. Saw my friends playing it and thought it looked like a lot of fun. Not a big starcraft fan, never played any previous starcraft game. However I enjoyed C&C3 a lot and this one reminds me of that game... but a bit different. Looking forward to enjoying it.

However I'm reminded why I should never purchase another Blizzard game again- their horrible content delivery system. If I buy a game off of steam it is downloaded with the latest updates already installed. No downloading the original game, then having to download and install all the patches, so on and so forth. Just buy it, download it, and play it. With blizzards content delivery system it is so much more time consuming. Probably wouldn't be so bad if I lived in a large city with high speed internet I suppose but out here in the sticks on my DSL connection it took forever to DL the 22 updates. Why not include them in the original DL? Why make them seperate?

Frustrating is all.

EDIT: Okay so the downloader disappears after it installed those 22 updates. So I just went to fire up the game- OH 6 MOAR UPDATES!!! Good grief, I wont be able to play this game at all until tomorrow. Was hoping to fire it up before work but nope.

Yeah, don't think I'll buy another Blizzard title. This is just annoying.
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