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Default Re: Official Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Thread (PC version)

After getting 3G internet from my phone to my PC, I was able to update and activate my Skyrim.

I have to say without a doubt, it is absolutely the best game I have ever played, EVAR!

I like the interface, it is much more difficult to play a mage now. I can set my mspell favorites, but how do I access them in the heat of battle? Graphics are great, the AI is superb, and I like that when you talk to NPCs you can look around, and not have to read subtitles.
Spells are vastly improved. No more 9 different spells to upgrade, just upgrade the ones you have.

It reminds me of Scotland in a way. The lowlands speak more of "English" while the higher North you go, the more thick the accents are. Also the best College in the world is (arguably) St. Andrew's Academy, which is in NE Scotland (Edinburgh). That's where Winterhold College of Mages is, too!

I can't stop playing this, I didn't goto bed this morning till 5:10 AM. It's immersive. I just had to get to the college before bed...LOL.

I would like to have my magicka, health, and stamina on the screen all the time, too.

I am still disappointed though, that you have to be online to play an offline game.
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