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Originally posted by stncttr908
If only we all had the money to blow on crap.
You ought to work harder my good man

It's a UK price and yes we do get ripped off.

Actually I am surprised the comments are less vocal then they were, I was trying for shock and awe value

I tend to buy a lot of video cards as I like benching them, money is no object, so I buy em, rip the heatsink off and then it's now volt mod time and Pelt and chilled water cooling. Hence my 5700U is in bits and cannot play games on . I'm still using my trusty MSI/Creative 4800SE for games but I now want to volt mod that. So I needed a replacement card for this to play games on. 4x2 at 400+ is better than 4x2 at 340. Memory is still 128 bit but goes from 685 to 800+. Nice percentage gains.

Now if I got my card of choice, a Gainward Golden Sample 5900 non ultra I know that within 2 weeks it'd be in pieces also, so when I saw the 5800 advertised ( the 5800 does not have the dustbuster your history books ) I thought this is the card for me for games until nv40 / r420.

No temptation to rip it apart and I bet, as ragejg says, it works well now with 53.03 drivers for SOF2, C&C etc.

It'll never be worth any money but it will do me until Doom 3 / HL2 and then I'll keep it to one side in case the next card goes pop.


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