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Originally Posted by Viral View Post
I played skyrim for a few hours with the default fov and it really was a breath of fresh air once I finally changed it. Way too claustrophobic! Can anyone confirm that this is what the consoles use? Same with other games that have horrible fov on PC, do they have the same fov on consoles, or are they just treating all PC gamers like they still use 4:3 CRT's.
some console games have even less...

this is sort of a way the dev's have to do to increase graphics quality while decreasing the fov to have less stuff drawn / taxing the system...

but makes sense to have 60fov in consoles..its just pc looks so strange on your eyes when ure used to a more higher fov...especially in a fps where your looking for things all over the area...and things just...dont look very natural when its just IN YOUR FACE...
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