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Default Re: Official Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Thread (PC version)

Running across the typical host of quest bugs and ingame errors that seem to be a feature of betha games...

My fav sofar was a dragon that didnt seem to have a soul

Also if you find getting smithing to 100 a pain in the ass a quick way to get there is to smith

Iron Ingots and Leather (turn into strips at the rack) into iron daggers

crafting about 10/12 of these a time will take your smithing level upto 100 in no time

i started at the 2 blacksmiths/weapon vendors in whiterun,then everytime i passed a major city hit the forge and made/sold a handful more maxed out smithing in notime

Love the game but the UI and some of the world textures are shocking! (not just the res of them but the standard of the art) time to start making a few replacements of my own i think
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