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Yes I always get the setups in the Silverado forum. Seems like the best ones I usually get come from someone who shares in practice sessions.

My irating is a slow process. Every time I have a good finish and gain some, I'll have 2 or 3 bad showings and drop back. I am currently at 1014 irating, so that keeps me in the lower splits. One of these days I'll put together 3 or more good races in a row and make some progress.

It's funny, but I start every race with the same fast and stay out of trouble. That is not an easy task considering some people don't even take time to prepare for a race. I've seen people join a race and once they get in there they ask "does anyone have a setup for this track?" LOL

I don't even consider joining a race until I have practiced, run time trials, qualified and tested different sets.
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