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Default Re: ATi 7000 series delayed till Q1 2012

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
You're completely off, btw. Hows physx on Rage? What, it doesn't use it? LOL.

The reason it has transcoding and works better on NV is that carmack originally had a raytracing server farm running on CUDA when it was all the rage to talk about CUDA and GPGPU. Later he found out it was such a PITA that he went back to x86 core farms. However, by that point they had the transcoding algorithm already done for their server farms and had been working the ins and outs of CUDA NV designs for over a year. Has nothing to do with "we worked better with too long acronym team."
Hey Ninja, hows it feel to know Nvidia had WORKING drivers for all to use with SKYRIM the day before it launched and ATI just yesterday, 2 WEEKS after launch, released a driver that will ONLY work for NON-Patched and ONLY owners of the HD6xxx line of cards in CFX? Remember now, Nvidia had WORKING drivers, day before launch FOR ALL CARDS!!!

Gotta love that lack of DevRell love coming from ATI!!
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