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Originally posted by zakelwe
You ought to work harder my good man

It's a UK price and yes we do get ripped off.

Actually I am surprised the comments are less vocal then they were, I was trying for shock and awe value

I tend to buy a lot of video cards as I like benching them, money is no object, so I buy em, rip the heatsink off and then it's now volt mod time and Pelt and chilled water cooling. Hence my 5700U is in bits and cannot play games on . I'm still using my trusty MSI/Creative 4800SE for games but I now want to volt mod that. So I needed a replacement card for this to play games on. 4x2 at 400+ is better than 4x2 at 340. Memory is still 128 bit but goes from 685 to 800+. Nice percentage gains.

Now if I got my card of choice, a Gainward Golden Sample 5900 non ultra I know that within 2 weeks it'd be in pieces also, so when I saw the 5800 advertised ( the 5800 does not have the dustbuster your history books ) I thought this is the card for me for games until nv40 / r420.

No temptation to rip it apart and I bet, as ragejg says, it works well now with 53.03 drivers for SOF2, C&C etc.

It'll never be worth any money but it will do me until Doom 3 / HL2 and then I'll keep it to one side in case the next card goes pop.


If you are the same zakelwe from xtremesystems, then I greatly appreciate your conclusions and efforts on testing limits. Without people like you, we would still be in the dark about what is obtainable and what's not.

Peace brudda and rawk on!

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