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Default Re: Video tearing with GNOME 3.x

Originally Posted by Belegdol View Post
Thanks for the hint but my problem is a different one, unfortunately. It's hard to explain. The video is just not as smooth as it should be. Kinda like undersampling... there is a distinct jerkiness that is no there with KDE4 (and composition) or any other wm/de.

Originally Posted by Belegdol
Besides, AFAIK, KDE unredirects all fullscreen windows, while gnome (starting with 3.2) does that for games only. There is some heuristics supposed to detect which windows get redirected and which don't.
I know. That's the one thing I really don't understand with the Gnome guys why they don't fix things people cry out for. And since most of the hooks should already be there, it _should_ be simple to implement this.
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