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Default Got a free Iphone 4 - Now what?

A customer/friend of mine just replaced his Iphone 4 with a Samsung Android phone and asked me if I wanted it. I said sure if it's free! Sure enough it was, there's some cracking on the screen it's been dropped a bunch of times but it seems to work fine now that I've basically turned it into an Ipod touch.

Anyway my questions is now what do I do with this thing? It's not going to become me everyday phone, the battery life is terrible (14 days is what I get with a fresh extended life battery in my old Motorola flip phone). Are there any good apps/games? I'm only going to be using it on wi-fi and never on a cellphone network.

I've farted around with it for a bit and so far the only useful things I've found are the camera and web browser. The cam is much better than the one in my cellphone and the web browser is useful if I'm sitting and watching TV at a friend's place and want to check my email.

I put a bunch of music I like on it too, but I doubt I'll use it much for that. The only time I listen to music is at a computer or in my car and my car has a DVD player with usb port and memory stick.
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