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Originally posted by Matthyahuw
I used the src.rpm's for both, and it worked just fine....

Makaveli, are you logged on as root while doing it? if not, you should...and make sure you change the Driver line from "nv" to "nvidia" in your XF86Config file...

BTW STEEL, you TRIPLE posted this...not cool...wwe have 1 Linux forum...thank you...
Yes Matt's kind of right on both counts :-)

I was able to compile using both src.rpm's too. cool. so download both src.rpm and follow the "rpmbuild --rebuild" for both of them and install the generated rpms, kernel first in a gome terminal and the GLX on the command line.

Folks please post these instructions on any ohter Linux forums so that ppl can get it.

P.S And Matt I wasnt too sure which was the right forum, so I posted on all three, excuse me for it, just wanted to make sure everyone gets it. you know - got a bit excited.

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