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Default Re: Official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Thread (Console)

Originally Posted by Logical View Post
+1 for bold comment, I like BF3 a lot but i love the gameplay of MW3...even in P2P lobbys on public and yes...i will be getting the next CoD come Nov 2012. I wonder if BF3 would have been as popular on PC if it had been named BFBC3 instead and the devs (although they didnt) told us it was developed firstly on console (not impossible)....I wonder how many people would have cried port ?

just sayin

BF3 was "made for the PC" primarily, therefore BF3 is very popular on the PC.

I can confirm that this is nowhere near correct. In what way is it more polished and how is 30fps smoother than 90fps ? Have both versions (my son has the 360 version) and the PC version is better visual quality wise and also Pc have dedicated servers.... Keep elite on console i couldn't care less about it being released for PC. The game itself is hardly any different apart from the 2 things i mentioned...Smoother and slightly better visuals (high res and high fps do that to a game)...
I thought that MW3 on the 360 ran at 60FPS and BF3 for the 360 was locked at 30FPS?

The 360 version looks excellent, has a constant framerate and P2P works with rare (if any) issues. I'll sacrifice a little "boost" in graphics and take the 360 version and play with my friends and co-workers, not to mention the ease of no tweaks.
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