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Default Re: Official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Thread (Console)

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post

BF3 was "made for the PC" primarily, therefore BF3 is very popular on the PC.

I thought that MW3 on the 360 ran at 60FPS and BF3 for the 360 was locked at 30FPS?

The 360 version looks excellent, has a constant framerate and P2P works with rare (if any) issues. I'll sacrifice a little "boost" in graphics and take the 360 version and play with my friends and co-workers, not to mention the ease of no tweaks.
The 360 version does look good and to the untrained eye there would not be any difference. You might be right about the 60fps btw but when i did play it on 360 i did notice the difference in fps drop, just as i would if i played the PC version at 125fps then dropped it to 90.

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Just my opinion. The animations and registration looked smoother than on PC. The PC version's textures look much better. I still think it feels bulky and strange tbh. Maybe I played too much Black Ops, idk...
Yeah that would be the 90fps limit causing that, i too noticed it when i first switched from Black ops...Hard to tell with the eye but the feel of it when using a mouse is noticeable, it was the same with MW2 after i had played CoD4 at 250 fps. This is why when using a controller it isnt as noticeable at 30/60 fps on a console.
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