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Default Re: Assassin's Creed: Revelations

No issue so far, run at locked 60fps in 1080p, use SLI, with Vsync use about 75% of my SLI with everything maxed out and 8xMSAA. Look about the same at AC : Brotherhood... Compatible out of the box with the Wireless Xbox 360 controller, witch AC2 and Brotherhood were not (had to use a DLL hack to make it compatible for some reason).

Personnally i'am a big fan of AC, played all of them on PC and i'am not getting a console to play those on it, too much 1080p gaming on PC for that..

It does look dated compared to BF3, Skyrim (boosted to the max and with SSAO) etc..

Bought it on Direct2Drive for 42$ (preorder special), there's a 78meg patch when you first run it..
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