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Default Re: rFactor 2 onboard video of 1960s F2 @ Monaco

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
iRacing also offers a fun oval series that mostly runs on the Super Speedways (plus Charlotte which is also crazy fast). Due to the fact that it's not an official series, the quality of the races is not as good as usual but it allows for some kind of pick up races without any license restrictions.
Additionally, they opened up all practice sessions in all series to all users a few months ago. That means that you don't need the license level for a series anymore as long as you just do practice sessions.

You should definitely give iRacing another go. There is nothing that can compare to it, especially not on the oval side.
ok, so if i wanted to do some laps at say, Daytona, all i have to do i complete the practice session and i can race? no license restriction? and this applies to all nascar races?
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