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Default Re: rFactor 2 onboard video of 1960s F2 @ Monaco

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
You can practice in all cars at all tracks, if you bought them, without any restrictions. That applies to all series.
Joining a qualy, time trial or race session still requires a high enough license for that series.

BUT the fun series, which are non-official (no ratings and restrictions enabled), are open to everyone (you still need to own the content of course), practice, qualy and race sessions! On the oval side that currently includes races with the Impala SS Cup car at Daytona, Dega and Charlotte.
The quality of those races is not representative of the real/official racing experience in iRacing but it's good enough for some competitive online racing. And it'll most likely get you hooked to the service
ok, thanks for explaining that slaWter. i might have to renew my sub and check it out.
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