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Default Telinit & init commands stop working following install on Fedora1

Hey Wolfman,

Hopefully you will find this message.

I agree this is not a path file problem, because other commands like reboot or exit function is something else.

Yes I log to X automatically, being a Windows weenie.

I am stumped as to why the kernel no longer recognizes these basic telinit commands, however.

I should be able to navigate to those directories and then type the command and it work, but Fedora now doesn't know what I mean.

I can live with the problem, at least until the next Nvidia driver arrives...but then what??? I have lost the ability to quickly go in and out of X without rebooting my system and making edits to config files, etc.

Just in case someone who knows the answer is reading this...

We ran the video driver installer on a new Fedora1 installation after first typing the command "export C=gcc32" so that the compile would pass the system sanity check.

Following the "successful" completion of the compile, Linux no longer knows the meaning of the root commands "telinit" & "init" as it should, even though the two files are sitting right there in the directory where they belong.

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