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Default Re: hdmi audio only working once (per boot) after upgrading from 256.53 to 260.19.29

11 months after my original post i'm _still_ stuck with the same situation - needless to say, with xorg 1.11 released and kernel 3.2 on the horizon, i feel a little left out of all the fancy action going on :/ (plus it'll only be a matter of time until some package _requires_ a newer version and i'll be stuck with a stale system.)

it seems most(all?) of the users affected by the bug seem to be using an asus mainboard - not hoping for any support by them, but maybe this could somehow lead us to a solution?
with our generation of igps now being a couple of years old, is there even any chance nvidia is going to look into this issue some more? any semi-official word that there is no support planned would at least help me choose a new mainboard...
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