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Default Re: Official Forza Motorsport 4 Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Q View Post
Got this on the Amazon Black Friday sell for $27 shipped.

LOVE IT. I have GT5 but that game seems like such a chore, especially for a casual gamer. I LOVED the first Gran Turismo. Then again, I was still in grade school with abundant free time. I didn't touch the series again until I picked up GT 4 earlier this year. I never finished the first set of license tests.

Forza just gets the experience right for the vast majority of gamers. Realistic, but accessible. My wife doesn't even like racing games and she's playing with me. It's great fun and looks fantastic.
There's nothing quite like the feeling of golding a license you thought you would never ever gold

There is so much in GT5 that I cannot do like gold on all the mercedes Nurburgring challengs. I like that. I find a good hardcore challenge fun. It's old school.

In Forza if you make a mistake on a races just rewind. *yawn*
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