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Angry Still not working

Antiorganic, my card does have a TV-out. So I decided to try your suggestions. Unfotunately nothing changed, my screen stays blank. Even after several minutes nothing happens. So now I switched back to the generic nv driver. By the way, Soul-Crusher, I have a CTX 7695 monitor.

Any ideas what else could be wrong? I glanced over some of the other posts. It seems like there are problems with the VIA chipset. I have to read them in more detail though. I do have a Biostar M7VIP motherboard that uses the VIA KT333/VT8235 chipset. Did anyone with that chipset get it to work yet?

Any other suggestions? If not, then I will just run the nv driver for now. I will follow the message board and hope that someone finds a solution. I am pretty new to Linux configuration and don't have that much time to play around with that stuff right now.

Thanks for your help.
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