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Originally posted by saturnotaku
And Sy - you will ph34r my flying soundcards of death! I will constantly hurl original SB Live shipping driver CD's at you until I cut your head off ala Odd Job in Goldfinger.
Nah, like Kung Lao's hat decapitation from MK2

Saturnotaku Wins...Flawless Victory...Coaster-Ality!!

As for Creative's crackling problem, I've experianced it on ALi and VIA chipsets personally and know it also happened on Intel, AMD, and some AMD/VIA hybrids. The crackling issues are worse by far on VIA chipset, however. My belief is Creative dropped the ball in more ways than one and their dropping of the ball uncovered the knowledge that the chipset companies had dropped their respective balls as well. Mainly, the blame lays on Creative - a card is supposed to be compatible with a mainboard/chipset, not the other way around.
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