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Default First time ever using game pad on computer,I like it

Bought me a Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710,what a nice controller, wireless with force feedback/vibration.

First time ever on a PC I used a controller.I suck and need to learn how to use it to get all the moves down pat.

I never thought I would ever use a game-pad on the PC.I always thought it was a horrible idea to use a controller on the PC but in all truth it really is not that bad and I will go as far as saying I enjoyed using the controller.

So now I am always going to use a controller for games like Batman Arkham City and the like.

Video:Batman Arkham City Unofficial PC patch DX11 plays awesome.
1920*1080, DX11, Extreme preset, FXAA High, PhysX High,
Nvidia 290.36, PhysX 09.11.1107

LOL I had my steam key on the whole video,must not drink beer when recording a video of a game when playing with steam on.
60-100 FPS in video all the time.No stuttering in sight that I can see.Wow what a fun game to play and its absolutely stunning graphics.

The OSD is MSI Afterburner with HWiNFO64 showing My CPU and Graphics cards.
Get the latest MSI at 3d GURU

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