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Default Re: X79 is a major disappointment

I just built a x79 on an Asus Pro board with a 3930. It does recognize all (8) 32 Gig of Vengence Memory. It does work really well with an SSD, 500 Read & Write. It overclocks like a Banshee.

Did not like having to buy a Corsair H80 for a cooler which works OK,Better than what Intel wants to sell you. 30C Idle & 53 C Stress. Asus should have included the cable for the front panel usb 3.0.

I moved from a Rampage 1366 990x to this setup. The 990 is very good but this is better, really can see a difference in the smoothnes of my games.

Not overclocking the cpu or memory (Mem 1600) I get right at 18000 with Aida. The AMD 6990 vid card will put out about 29000 to 30000 on 3dmark 2006. (1280x1024)

Have no regrets, can't speak on how it goes up against a Z68, never tried one.
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