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Default Re: nVidia's 28nm Kepler expected to hit stores in late 2011?

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
Eh, Skyrim with more than 9 ugrids and high levels of AA can get pretty low frame rates in towns and what not.

I imagine once we get a total re-texture with higher res textures it will be even more demanding.
Skyrim is poorly coded on PC's, those slow downs are more caused by being cpu-bound, which is insane considering how far ahead cpu's are of gpu's. People with 580's in sli and people with a single 460 both report low frames in the same scenes - more pointing to cpu.

As far as these gpu's charts, rumors have always offset reality for years. But as far as I see it.

1.) Ati - even if it releases cards 6 months ahead of nvidia, have a lot of work to do between performance/speed and image quality. The drivers are a mess right now, Image Quality is suspect at best and speed is not up to nvidia's parts.

2.) Nvidia IS more focused on other aspects of their company, especially Tegra. I imagine they're also in line and testing for whatever gpu Sony buys from them for the ps4 as well.

3.) Nvidia doesn't NEED something right now. I don't know how much more powerful it gets than a GTX 590. Even Metro runs with that beast. Their next "Regular/vanillia" high-end card won't match raw performance of the 590, it will simply have the dx11.1 functionality to brag about but be about 15% slower - and speaking of dx11.1....those are functions that pc gamer's won't see in games for at least another year anyway, if at all. (Remember dx10.1, no? Most don't.)

I don't see much in the next 6 month's that warrants an upgrade, the PC has been getting stiffed with shoddy ports of dx11 sprinkled games (See Arkham Asylum and Crysis 2) to give gamers some relevence with their upgrades....but realistically, until consoles move forward with their next gen, pc will be stuck in this limbo of "looks better than console but isn't take your breath away WOW like Crysis was 4 years ago" so I think nVidia is kind of slowing down until relevant upgrades are needed, in the mean time, they're focusing on nVision, Tegra, PS4 gpu, drivers, quadro, etc.
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