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Default Re: GTA III coming to (select) iOS and Android devices

I remember when this originally hit back in 2001 on PC ...the g4 4600ti was performance king and the game ran horribly even on that. It was rendering unseen objects or something to that effect? I know it wasn't until the ill-fated FX-series that the game ran fluid for everyone. A shame too, the snow mod was great for the game on PC and for it's time it did look gorgeous. I hope it doesn't run like a hog on those phones to completely recapture the glory from ten years ago lol. =X

Thanks for the responses guys, hopefully they do allow the game to work for my Droid X, maybe some tweaking, a patch and some tlc. I just..there's some really nice looking games I'm playing on my Droid X, I can't imagine this not being able to run on it.
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