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Default Re: XBOX 360 Fall update coming Dec. 6th

Just downloaded the update an hour ago and XBOX Live is having problems with keeping people logged in, you can't log into Zune or Epix at all according to their staus update page. Should calm down once more people get the update.

Well it seems since the XBOX got the new update tonight it is now able to do 5.1 sound with Netflix. Not sure about 1080P, it does look better to me but how can you test to see if it is doing 1080P now?
To hear the 5.1 sound you have to select a movie that is labeled 5.1 (duh) like The Exorcist then in options select sound and subtitles then select Dolby Digital Plus. It seems like after you do this once it will default to Dolby Digital Plus when available.
One thing they removed that kind of sucks is the resume or start from beginning option when watching a movie on Netflix.
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