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Default First power-on: monitor blank

My friend has this strange issue. HW specs are: Intel DP35DP mobo, Q6600, 8800GTX, 4GB DDR2, 700w Fortron PSU - everything at stock speeds.

When turning machine for the first time, monitor remains blank. But booting process normally continues and reaches desktop just fine (Win 7 Pro x86).
Warm reboot doesn't help. Cold reset most of the time doesn't help either, but maybe in 10% of cases, it does help, so it boots normally with GPU actually passing data to the monitor.
Monitor is connected thru one of the two DVIs. Tried the second DVI connector - same issue.

The only reliable 'solution' is powering machine off and on again with the ATX switch on the case. Whether PSU itself is turned on or off between seems to make no difference.

Simply, upon first power-on there is no monitor output, but after next power-on, it works.
This whole issue arised out of nowhere, there were no HW changes or BIOS updates at all.

He got an old GF7200 for a test and it works just fine all the time. Still, I tend to think it's the PSU, not the GPU. But I have no PSU adequate for 8800GTX to put to the test.

When he gets it to boot, it's perfectly stable in everything he does, mostly plays. Like ME2, Crysis2 etc. No BSODs, no lockups. But it looks like the whole power cycling needs to be done twice to make it work properly. GF7200 works, but this card doesn't need any other additional power than it gets from PCI-E, so it's not much of a proof that 8800GTX is at fault.

I tried to find anyone on the net with exactly the same issue, but I found none.
If anyone had something similar, your experience would be appreciated.
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