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Default Re: Official Batman Arkham City Feedback Thread

The patch is out on GFWL you will be prompted to download it. It fixes the performance issues with DX11. On my system it went from unplayable to playable, but it still eats an average of about 10fps. The difference isn't that huge so I am sticking to DX9 for the better frame rates, but I still haven't gone back to this game, still playing Skyrim .

BTW if the patch fails you might have to do it manually. My Green Man Gaming capsule version had issues cause the patch couldn't find the install directory. You'll have to do it manually if it won't auto patch for you.

Open a command prompt type the following:
cd ..\Local\Microsoft\XLive\Updates\57520fa0

Now find out where your game is installed then in the command prompt type:

setup -f {install directory path}

And change {install directory path} to where your game is located.

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