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Default Re: Skyrim Mods

If anybody is interested ive put together my own little texture pack. Well i say my own i must say a big thanks to the guys over at who actually created these mods, Ive just took my favorite mods and put them together in on easy to install "Data" folder, All it will do is overwrite your current Data folder and add all the texture mods.

Its like 650MB of pure texture mods , Easy to install too. Just extract the downloaded WinRAR to your Skyrim folder, Click YES overwrite if asked.


You should get the below effect.

Heres whats modded ....

Lockpicking interface retex 1.1
HD Sacks Retexture 1.3
Glowing Ore Veins 300 1.30
Realistic Water Textures 1 Point 5b 1.5b
Weapon Retexture Project - WRP 0.05a
HD Baskets Retex 1.1
Serious HD Retexture Landscape Skyrim 0.9.9
Vurts Skyrim Flora Overhaul 1.0.4a
Enhanced Blood Textures 0.05
HD Furniture and barrels final hi-res texture
A higher quality of shields - New textures 0.9 4
Realistic Paper 0.2a
Better Gold 1.21
High res moon
HiRes Road Signs 3.0
Fhaarkas Softer Animal Fur 1.2
Skyrim Sunglare V3 3.0
No More Blocky Faces 1.4
Blood on Weapons remains 10x longer 1.2
Improved Candles w different colors
better looking books 1.0
Detailed Lips 1.0
Detailed Faces v2 2.0
Detailed Bodies
Alchemy and enchanting tables retex
Realistic Rain Ripples 1.2a
High Quality Food and Ingredients 1.6
QD Inventory 0.235
Skyrim HD - 2K Textures 1.1
HiRes Tree Stumps 1.2
Enhanced Horse Skins
Realistic Smoke and Embers 1.2b
Enhanced Night Skyrim 0.3
High Quality Eyes 1.2
Target re-texture 1.0
Improved rock and mountain textures - 4096x4096 1.0
KenMOD - Lockpick Pro
Better Bedrolls v1
Nicer Snowflakes 1.0
Improved Dragon Textures

Be sure to back up your original Data folder before install, If you dont like it or something goes wrong delete the Data folder then copy your origional\backup data folder into your Skyrim folder.
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