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Originally Posted by Ghosthunter View Post
I am not complaining about performance, this is a game bug of some sort, it is not crashing because I have a dual core vs a quad core.

If you understood what I wrote it happens after every game ends and loads the new map. It is not even doing anything at the moment trying to load the map. I do not even hear my hard drive chugging like it is loading, it just sits there and only way to fix it is to alt+tab, kill bf3 with task manager and relaunch it

I asked if maybe more RAM might fix it, taking a shot out in the dark thinking maybe a memory leak, I doubt it that, since it worked fine before patch.

If you have nothing positive contribute why are you here?
Have you tried just waiting? It can take a while to load the maps on my PC. It seems like it's frozen, but it does load the map eventually.
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