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Default Re: nVidia's 28nm Kepler expected to hit stores in late 2011?

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
I have to disagree with you in regards to nVidia vs. AMD. Understand though that from the GF2 all the way up to the GTX260 and everything in between- I owned only nVidia for the longest time. Before my previous 5770 the last ATi card I owned was the Rage 128 way back when. I was strictly nVidia- GF2, GF4 MX440, GF4 Ti4200, FX5950 U, GF6800GT, GF 7600GT SLi, GF 7900GT SLi, GF 7900GTX, GF 8800GTS 640MB SLI (bought both on launch day), GF 8800GTX SLi, GF 9600GT SLi, GF GTX260 Core216, and then I decided to give AMD a go with the 5770, was given a 4870 that I rocked for a bit, and now have my 5870. So my history strongly favors nVidia and I am quite familiar with their IQ in-games, their driver stability and I have to say... I generaly disagree with you here. AMD's IQ in-game seems absolutely no different than nVidia's. Maybe if everything in the driver control panel is left at default AF maybe less than desirable with AMD but I have everything set to "High Quality" just like I did in the nVidia driver control panel and it looks no different than it did on NV hardware I've owned. AA quality seems the same... maybe slightly better because I have more AA options available to me in the CCC. Driver stability, the last crash I had was a BSOD but it was due to the beta of AMD Overdrive- that's not a driver that is an over clocking tool provided by AMD... and it is in Beta. I don't expect beta software to function perfectly. So just going off of my first hand experience you're wrong regarding AMD vs nVidia.

As far as everything else I'd say you're 100% correct. Today's hardware is so powerful it is insane. And we're not going to see any games that just have that "wow" factor to them untill the next generation of consoles is released as those will be supporting top end PC features such as tessellation and possibly even some form of physics acceleration. Those new consoles will have hardware that is leaps and bounds above the present gen consoles and so the new games targeting those consoles will have insane graphics and we'll finally see titles more worthy of our PC hardware.

But we've a bit of a wait for that unfortunately. Probably at least 2 more years imo, maybe longer. I am looking forward to it, however.
I had pretty similar gpu history to you ATI/Nvidia wise and agree with what you said. This gamerx guy just sounds like another rollo troll clone.
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