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Default Re: Official Batman Arkham City Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
something is seriously wrong with your PC, it doesn't take 5 minutes to load. 20-40 seconds to load, get through the intro logos.

You're right, the game loads so fast and DX11 has been running perfect since the game was released. 20 secs, eh? You are just a flat out liar. The (unskippable) intro scenes alone take nearly that long.

While you are down there don't forget to cup the balls.

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
He is exaggerating a bit, but he isn't really wrong. Batman AC feels like it takes a real long time to load. Prepatch it took me 1m42s to get to the press start screen, after pressing play on the launcher. Now it takes an even 1m to do the same. They reduce the load time by 42s after the latest DX11 patch, but it really should be less. Skyrim takes 15s from the time I click on it from my steam list till the continue button is available to me to click. I used a stop watch to measure the times and did the timing on the second load (start the game, exit then start it again this time with the stop watch) just to make sure it would be the fastest time.
Exactly. I'm sorry some people can't remove the exaggerating from the truth and realize what I'm talking about. While it's no where near 5 minutes it's definitely much longer than any other game I own and certainly much longer than it should be.

But, apparently it's my computer. Never mind the fact that have dozens of games that run perfectly, and Skyrim loads in about 2 seconds.
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