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Default Re: Supported anaglyph 3D glasses type?


this is the default apparently

<!-- Green / Magenta custom color matrix -->
<CustomLeftMatrix m22="0" m21="0" m20="0" m12=".3333" m11=".3333" m10=".3333" m02="0" m01="0" m00="0"/> <CustomRightMatrix m22=".6667" m21=".3333" m20="0" m12="0" m11="0" m10="0" m02="0" m01=".3333" m00=".6667"/> </AnaglyphOutput>

It used to use the interface the same as mspaint custom colors but no longer

Might be a good iudea to hunt down the old driver and use the resultant xml from its altered color profile
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