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Default Re: Supported anaglyph 3D glasses type?

Try the iz3d driver
Complicated.... You never know though, Its default might match your glasses.

: The first number after the "m" is which emitted color (1-red, 2-green or 3-blue) who is affected by ingame color. The second number is which ingame color (1-red, 2-green or 3-blue) who affects the emitted color.

For instance: m03= 0-red means that the red pixels in the screen are affected by the 3-blue portion in the game. Thus: With a red filter some of the blue portion in the game goes to the red. This is handy to reduce something called retinal rivalry (a bright red in the image will cause a bright image in one eye and a total dark in the other because of the filters).

So: For green purple glasses you should have the values:
<CustomLeftMatrix m00="0" m01="0" m02="0" m10="0.3" m11="0.3" m12="0.3" m20="0" m21="0" m22="0"/>
<CustomRightMatrix m00="0.3" m01="0.3" m02="0.3" m10="0" m11="0" m12="0" m20="0.3" m21="0.3" m22="0.3"/>
for a "grey" (no retinal rivalry but no color impression either) green/purple anaglyph experience and:

<CustomLeftMatrix m00="0" m01="0" m02="0" m10="0" m11="1" m12="0" m20="0" m21="0" m22="0"/>
<CustomRightMatrix m00="1" m01="0" m02="0" m10="0" m11="0" m12="0" m20="0" m21="0" m22="1"/>
for a "standard" (retinal rivalry in scenes with strong basecolors but on the other hand a color impression) anaglyph green/purple experience.
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