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Default Re: Inject SMAA - better than FXAA still 0 performance hit.

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I haven't followed FXAA and SMAA closely. But I noticed that the links in this thread point to blogs. Are these algorithms based on third party researches and development efforts and not officially supported by nV?

I thought FXAA was nV's answer to AMD's MLAA...
The shader for FXAA is made by a guy at Nvidia, Timothy Lottes.

The shader for SMAA is made by this researcher Jorge Jiminez and some others.

Normally, a game dev would have to incorporate these shaders into their games' pipelines themselves, but the "inject" versions are just the normal shaders along with a DirectX helper .dll, which applies the shaders at the end of the pipeline. Neither inject .dll's are made by Nvidia or Jorge tho, both have been made by coders unrelated to the actual shader R&D
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