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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Riddell View Post
Hey guys looking for a bit of help with FSX in relation to ckpit tooltips. I have the Deluxe version of FSX with Acceleration installed and REX. The problem is that ckpit tooltips do not display in either 2D or Virtual ckpit.

I have tried flicking the option on and off and yet I get no response. Is there any way in which i can enable the tooltips or have i done something to permanently disable it?

Any help much appreciated
Hi all, I don't know if anyone will get this post, (especially Riddell), but I have that exact same problem. There are folks in REX that are trying to figure it out with me. I have no tool tip s showing after the first switch that I may mouse over when I open a new aircraft.

But this ONLY happens AFTER I downloaded REX OD. If I just run with REX I have no problem and I have no problems without REX entirely, just with REX OD. I don't have 'Preview Direct X turned on. I use high resolution settings, (HP 2511X monitor and FSX is set to 1920x1080x32).

Processor OC'd to 4.02GHz and GPU is at 945 clock & 1330mem. 8 gigs RAM (1333mhz). I typically run my scenery sliders full right except for the Autogen which I set to "Very High", (one notch down from full), and my Mesh is set to 2 m.

I run HD clouds at 2048 and that's pretty much how I fly unless I get into my real high resolution scenery add-ons, (UTX USA/Alaska, GEX NA, AFME, FTX NA PNW & CRM, and a bunch of little airports and strips).

Anyway, that's about it. I'm about to try a suggestion to have FSX rebuild a new config file and see what happens then. But if anyone ever heard of this and knows an answer I sure would appreciate some insight. I don't believe that this is a REX problem, (I don't use the Weather engine), but I'm certain that REX OD is triggering the issue.
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