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What is next?? Are you going to pay premium for Daikatana

Sorry but unless you plan to buy both an 5800 and a 5950/9800 XT in a separate computer I donīt see any sense in this.

I mean you buy a video card even nVidia themself acknowledge wasnīt a good video card! What is the purpose in that? Get a Geforce 3. That was quite a groundbreaking video card. Get an 8500 the video card that releaved ATI from the mud and boosted it to the skies?

But what reason in earth to get a 5800?? It wasnīt even the first dx 9 card out?

I think you need a shrink. I actually considered getting Daikatana since everyone was telling me what a joke that game is but after not finding it in the stores I came to my senses.

Either that or you are a misunderstood Einstein
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