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Default Re: Spike VGA awards are on

Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
In the general viewpoint, yes. it can be said about absolutely anything. why do people continue to get new iphones, it is still a phone. Why do people continue to buy new models of cars? Its still a car...
It is all about the details and progression
Quake 3 is exactly the same as Quake 2: a sci-fi future based twitch fps... But lets take a look at the details, one is completely mp-oriented, and the other one isn't. One pushed the graphics enveloped in a major way (actually both of them did, no?). The experience was totally different from one to the next.
Now for me, BC2 was the first battlefield game, and BF3 did everything that I listed above. Sure some things BC2 did better, but in general, BF3, for me, WAS a step forward. Going from Cod4 to MW2 DID NOT feel like a developmental step forward. It did not feel like they took the experience of Cod4 to a new level. Obviously graphically it was not a step forward. For console gamers, they really don't have too much of a choice for MP FPS, so they kindda have to stick with call of duty franchise. Others enjoy the gaming experience, and obviously that's totally fine.
I felt like MW3 lacked in SP big time compared to MW1, but focused more on MP and balancing things out; I still think that MW3 is the most balanced COD MP game to date. Yeah, all MW games "feel" the same but when you get down to the details, MW3 puts the cherry on the cake.

I own BF2 and BF:BC2 still to this day and enjoyed them when they first released, but BF3 felt like the same old BC2 with a new graphics engine. Big whoop, wanna fight about it? BF to me takes too much time to get into compared to MW; I love the quick action run-and-gun stuff that I can jump into for 10 minutes (not much time for video games anymore) and feel like I've accomplished something.

But it all comes down to whatever floats your boat. Most PC gamers around here hump BF3 simply because it was a game "made for the PC first" and that the graphics are better, but I'm glad that there are a few of us left that enjoy games for what they are.
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