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Default Re: Spike VGA awards are on

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
That's one of the most retarded comments I have heard you say, and that's saying a lot...
How is that retarded? At the end of the day, it comes down to what you like. Is that not the truth?

There are numerous PC only games, I don't see any one else humping those. Pretty sure people play the game they enjoy, not what platform the game was designed for.
Most people on NVNews (and other PC communities online) don't give a crap about a "fun game", they just care about the graphics and performance. Yes I know this is an NVIDIA based forum/website, but games aren't just about those two things IMO.

Though you seem to continue to spout your console this and that BS everywhere without really a point to it. Did your PC kick your dog or something?
Didn't say a word about consoles here my friend, just about the games. Make sure you read what I write before going off on a rant. Is one not able to speak his mind and give an opinion around here without getting stomped on? Hmm......

Originally Posted by crainger
six. I gotta agree. You got a 360. That's great. But the way you are acting it's like you need to constantly reassure yourself that you made the right choice.

BTW Skyrim is GOTY for me. I spend about 20hrs in BF3 and COD. Verse Skyrim at 120hrs.
Crainger, you can do better than that buddy. In my personal experience, buying a console was the best gaming choice I've made in a while. But again, it's just my opinion. /getting stomped on

Glad you like Skyrim. My buddy at work is obsessed with the game, but I just don't enjoy games like that. Oblivion got boring after the first hour. But who knows, I might pick this up when it hits $20 or something.

Originally Posted by clitosaurus
I think Uncharted was better than both. But ya..
Never had the chance to play it but I've heard good things. Gear of War was an excellent SP experience, better than MW2 and MW3 SP by far. Batman was just amazing all around. I'm still going through and finding trophies, secrets, etc. Great replayability.

Haters gonna hate.
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