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Default Re: Spike VGA awards are on

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Most people on NVNews (and other PC communities online) don't give a crap about a "fun game", they just care about the graphics and performance. Yes I know this is an NVIDIA based forum/website, but games aren't just about those two things IMO.
They don't? That really is news to me. Do you have any stats/facts to back up your asinine claims? If you really do believe that, then make a poll in the gaming forum asking if people would rather play a game that has pretty graphics but poor Gameplay, or sub par graphics but great Gameplay.

Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
Didn't say a word about consoles here my friend, just about the games. Make sure you read what I write before going off on a rant. Is one not able to speak his mind and give an opinion around here without getting stomped on? Hmm......
You must have forgotten what articles you used to have in your signature. You didn't have to say anything in your post as it was always in your sig.
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