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Default Re: Spike VGA awards are on

Originally Posted by Roadhog View Post
They don't? That really is news to me. Do you have any stats/facts to back up your asinine claims? If you really do believe that, then make a poll in the gaming forum asking if people would rather play a game that has pretty graphics but poor Gameplay, or sub par graphics but great Gameplay.
Go look in any of the "official" game threads. It's 95% about performance, AA/AF, tweaks, and other non-gameplay related posts. You can't tell me that people are more obsessed with the eye candy/tweaking than the fun factor.

You must have forgotten what articles you used to have in your signature. You didn't have to say anything in your post as it was always in your sig.
Ah, the articles! How could I forget THE ARTICLES!!!

So if you really read the article, you will see that PC tinkering is going away, which is a huge thing for me as I used to love it but hate it now. I've already spoken my peace about this in many other threads. Maybe you see it as "six likes consoles more than PCs for gaming" and that's why I put the article there; I do like them more due to simplicity and less headaches, not to mention less time wasted on tweaking things. One thing the article does not mention is the fact that PC gamers are getting the short end of the stick on quality, but again, I've already explained myself on that opinion many times around here.

Man, I'm sometimes really surprised I haven't been banned for "going to the dark side".
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