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Default Re: nVidia's 28nm Kepler expected to hit stores in late 2011?

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
Personally I don't care if NVIDIA ever implements surround on a single GPU. There aren't any GPUs powerful enough to do it well.

Now a better question would be:
1. When will ATi give us the GPU accelerated physics they've been promising for years and years and years?
2. When will ATi give us multi GPU 3d?
3. When will ATi give us multi screen 3d?
4. When will ATi step up to the plate with developer relations and have multi GPU profiles ready for most big games pre-launch?

That depends on wich games you play to allow 3D screens with 1 card and remain playable, and the hardware gets faster and faster over time anyhow, with AMD's next big launch in mid january, and looking promising btw(possibily close to the speed of an HD6990 in a single GPU card), and the dual GPU variant of this monster in march.....So where is kepler?

As for physics, you got your answer with bullet and not being tied to a specific vendor being it's main atraction to developers....They like open standards that work on every card.

As for 3D viewing, it seems Samsung showed a prototype 27" LCD where it has a built in camera on it's outer frame that's precise enough to follow eye movement and send different data to each eye, wich means not wearing any dorky looking 3D glasses anymore( they are ugly ****ers even in version 2.0).

As for using 3D viewing across 3 LCD screens, i don't think that's even possible unless you grow a third eyeball so that specific information is sent from each specific display to each eyeball, so the system has to be radically different and not based on current tech at all( holographic display perhaps?) .
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