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I feel quite lucky to have owned a 5800 Ultra on the release dates. I hunted for a long time to find a supplier that would be getting them in first... i had to pay through the noise for it though. 389 + VAT + Delivery i believe it was. Took it basically to just over 400 ($800?).

However while i owned it i did really love it, the cooling solution that people hated i actually quite liked. You see it had the great advantage of blowing all the hot air out the back of the case... so the same system with a Rad9700pro in it actually ran a tad hotter than the one with the 5800u.

The cards themselves u could tell were NV built too, very heavy, oozed quality. It really was quite an experience to own one - not like anything ive ever bought before, and the only time ive bought a card that early and paid that much. :S The only reason i sold it on was because i couldnt afford to keep it and buy a new card when NV replaced it so.....

Mine was made by Terratec btw, which just basically meant terratec stuck a sticker on it lol. But having a graphics card with DDRII @ 1Ghz was just CRAZY. Id love to know how they perform now with the ForceWare, i had a feeling at the time (with everyone else) that premature drivers really did hold it back a lot. Had they been a bit more ready maybe its demise wouldnt have been so sudden.

It wasent a BAD card, just not quite ready for the mass's and a bit before its time.

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