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Default Re: nVidia's 28nm Kepler expected to hit stores in late 2011?

January 9th 2012 is presumably the official launch date of the HD7950 and HD7970 high end single GPU cards, with the dual GPU version stated for march, and as for performance, it seems the single GPU versions will be in the same performance ballpark as the HD6990/GTX590 cards, wich are both Dual GPU cards as we all know....Pretty impressive.

So i'm hoping that if Kepler is really as far for as some leaks suggest, that Nvidia doesn't pull a GTX480 on us made up of a sawed off PCB and woodscrews, trying to pass it off as the real thing, as it was already pretty embarrassing the first time around as it is.

As for your dual GTX560 setup, it's also more expensive than a single HD6970 card, depends on SLI profiles, uses more power and performance scaling always varies quite a bit from game to game, just like it does with crossfire....Some games fly with it, and on some the performance increase isn't so great.

As for the 3D glasses, i'd like something that looks like the oakley glasses that have a very thin frame and wrap around lenses, so that i can use something called peripheral vision without having to move my head much when using 3 displays in surround mode....It's just a little thing that everyone enjoys since they were born, so nothing major really...
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