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Default Re: nVidia's 28nm Kepler expected to hit stores in late 2011?

Originally Posted by MUYA View Post
Who is to say Kepler won't deliver similar or better performance either!

But ya...i need to upgrade my 580 fast!

Absolutely true, it'll have to be much faster than the GTX580 since it's built on the 28nm process, wich allows the transistor budget to either release a brand new architecture, or seriously enhance the fermi one, and fabrication process shrinks only happen every 2~3 years, so it might be a while before we see an even smaller process from TSMC...

As for AMD's new part, it seems to be 380mm^ in die size, and packing 4.5 billion transistors, with the intended clock speed being 1 Ghz on a 384 bit memory bus, with cards packing up to 3 GB of ram onboard....On transistor budget alone, that 1.9 billion more than cayman on the HD6970 cards, and using a brand new architecture(GCN).

So if these leaks turn out to be accurate, and the performance boost is substancial, it'll make it that much harder waiting for what Nvidia will release, assuming it won't be seen until the middle of next year.
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