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Default Re: Official Saints Row 3 Thread

Finished Skyrim, playing this now. Love it. So over the top, the graphics are surprisingly good. The city looks amazing, being set in a not too distant future lets the devs take a few liberalities in giant billboards, VTOLs etc. The guns also feel great, kinda strange the guns in a 3rd person sandbox game are more fun to shoot than those in CoD.

It's also a decent port. I have a few issues running with SSAO maxed. I have a smooth framerate, but my character jitters, turning down SSOA fixes this and to me, looks better than having it maxed. Having too much fun to really tweak it.

One thing that bugs me, the clothing, it's kinda hard to know what is mens lol. I spent a day running around in a cool jacket before my gf said it was a womens tshirt... crainger fail. :: Same thing happens in the game too. ::

and now here is robbaz with Big Barbara.

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