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Default Re: nVidia's 28nm Kepler expected to hit stores in late 2011?


Originally Posted by Razor1 View Post
I think you should really give it up, nV doesn't give money to developers, they will send dev's to game companies or create code for them but not direct money.

And you have no idea what is under the hood of kepler and how the cuda cores have changed to make those comments.

I don't think you are a technology fan since you really don't know what you are talking about and just making presumptions based on half baked crap around the internet.

Not really, no one would sniff physx, why would they? its inefficient, runs only on nv hw and you can't make any sales like that, unless you get a big fat paycheck in advance..

As for the rest, it appears you know even less by the looks of it

Don't get me wrong GK104 will be efficient but with 24 compute processors (assuming its a 768core) it ain't gonna cut it against 32 compute units by 7970. Unless they OC it to some extremes, but that means much much higher power draw - even for a 28nm gpu, so yea in reality it could end up just like 480gtx..Power hungry, hot, but fast once OC'ed.

Btw, GK104 has the same 48 ROPs as 480gtx or 580gtx. Its improved but still kinda low, at least 56 would help a lot..
In 3dmark2011 im betting around 10K by gpu Performance score. But it looks like AMD 7970 will be around the same 11-12K gpu mark.

Anyway i'll come back on 9,Jan and lol at few nv fanboys or be lol'ed at And again later in March-april when nv finally releases a castrated Kepler GK104.

Troll bait off//
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