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Default Re: nVidia's 28nm Kepler expected to hit stores in late 2011?

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
There's not really any "damage" to "control". NVIDIA is the desktop discrete market leader, and could buy what's left of AMD/ATi with the money they had earmarked for a new coffee machine in the mailroom.

AMD is imploding, say goodbye baby, baby bye bye.....

Really?.... What happened to Nvidia's chipset business(), or even the low end video card add in business, now that AMD has the liano based CPU's with built in graphics cores supporting DX11, and selling more of those than they can make, mainly because global foundries can't make them fast enough?...Say goodbye to any graphics card selling for 100$ or less, wich represents the bulk of video card sales to large OEM's building budget systems like Dell, or HP and pays most of the bills....The user is better off using the GPU that comes with the CPU in those setups.

I'll say it again, AMD screwed up on bulldozer for sure, but their graphics division is doing just fine thank you, much to the dismay and displeasure of Nvidia...
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